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4 December 11
23 November 11
20 April 11
23 March 11

feedback on your mobile app

Professional software testing firm uTest has today launched a new service aimed at early-stage startups: uTest Express. With this low-cost offering, the company is providing access its community of over 35,000 professional testers who will provide expert feedback about your mobile app…

At the end of the testing period, the testers will provide your startup with documented bugs, plus screenshots and videos showing how to reproduce the problems they encountered. The testers will also provide feedback about the mobile app’s design, usability and performance.

There are three different uTest Express packages available, starting at $499.

15 March 11
13 March 11
11 March 11
Posted: 2:50 AM

Upstage on RRW

We recently got some press on ReadWriteWeb.

Thanks to JDG (Boxcar CEO) for the introduction and Sarah Parez who was kind enough to write the article for RRW.

Posted: 12:21 AM


We (Jeff + I) just released upstage app.  Upstage is a tool for sharing iOS (iPhone and iPad) - making sharing mockups a breeze.  We use it for everything from pitching clients to using it as a spec and feedback tool.  It’s sort of our basecamp for iPhone mockups.

14 October 10

Handy macros by JDG

#define A(obj, objs...) \

  [NSArray arrayWithObjects:obj, ## objs , nil]

#define D(val, key, vals...) \

  [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:val, key, ## vals , nil]

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh